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About Erasmus + Programme

Erasmus+ has started on 1 January 2014 and replaced previous programmes:  „Lifelong Learning” (and its sectoral programmes – Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius and Grundtvig), Jean Monnet action, „Youth in action” programme and five other programmes (inter alia Erasmus Mundus and Tempus). For the first time in the history of educational programmes of the European Union,  also initiatives connected with sport will be supported. The realization of the programme is planned for seven years, until 2020.

Erasmus+ programme offers financial support for the institutions and organizations  acting in the fields of education and trainings, youth and sport in Europe. As a  response to the challenges pointed out in  strategic documents of European politics (mainly the Europe 2020 strategy), the programme  shall contribute to the development of the skills of participants and to increasing their chances for employment, and also to modernization of educational systems, trainings and to support young people.
Erasmus+ programme in its principles does not  differ markedly from the closed-down programme „Lifelong learning”.
In the new programme the biggest emphasis is placed on the formal and informal education which serves the development of the skills of students, teachers and staff and the improvement of their situation on the labor market.
Erasmus+  programme in practice enables foreign mobility – trips in educational purposes (for example for taking up studies,  to undergo a practice, trainings or to become a volunteer) of pupils, students, educational and youth workers and it supports establishing partnerships between the universities, higher and secondary schools, companies and non-profit organizations with the aim of strengthening innovation and widening knowledge.
Within the programme the emphasis is put on the importance of intersectoral cooperation  (various sectors of education, institutions on different levels and of various profiles) and on the strengthening the effect of synergy between educational sectors and work environment.
The activities in the field of sport are mainly aimed at supporting initiatives concentrating on the fight against violence, discrimination and doping.  The financial aid can also be allocated for international non-profit sport events.
Fundamental Information
The structure Erasmus+ programme has been simplified  comparing to the previous edition of programmes and includes three main types of activities:
  • Action 1: educational mobility (trips in educational purposes),
  • Action 2: cooperation for innovation and for the exchange of good practices,
  • Action 3: supporting reforms in the field of education.
Additionally, two types of „special” activities centrally managed: Jean Monnet and Sport.
The countries which can participate in Erasmus+ programme are listed here.


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