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English studies

Studying English Studies you will acquire knowledge, skills and competences in the area of:

- linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies and history of the countries of the English language area
- language skills that enable you to communicate effectively orally and in writing in social and professional situations
- grammatical structures, vocabulary, idiom and phonetics of English
- critical thinking, theories and techniques of analysis and interpretation of cultural and literary texts
- basic knowledge related to interpreting and translation techniques and workshops
- proficient use of multimedia tools
- knowledge of issues related to social communication, public relations and management of personal and social resources
- practical knowledge of a second language of choice (Russian, Spanish, German to choose)


Examples of jobs after graduation:

educational, educational, cultural institutions
governmental and local government institutions
multinational corporations
companies engaged in global trade
companies oriented to cooperation with countries of the Far East
corporations originating from the circle of Asian cultures
international institutions requiring the intermediation of a multilingual professional
advertising and promotional agencies
public relations companies
national and international tourist organizations
travel agencies
transport companies
translation agencies
trade and service companies


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